Best of High Times #69 – Master Grower’s Guide


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How to Grow a Cup Champion
HT’s cultivation director and Cannabis Cup competition director blends his two positions for a unique look at what it takes to grow the world’s best pot, drawing on research from over 20 Cup champions in 2012. 
By Nico Escondido

Banking on Buds
The million-dollar growroom is no longer just a fantasy. Top growers across the country have committed themselves to producing buds for the ever-growing cannabis community.
By Dan Skye

Feminized vs. Regular Seeds 
High Times puts Serious Seeds’ AK-47 to the test, growing out feminized and regular seeds of the strain side by side to find out the pros and cons of newfangled versus old-fashioned grow methods.
By Danny Danko

Ultimate Lighting
Proper lighting is essential for healthy plant growth, but what kind should you use: high-pressure sodium? Metal halide? LEDs? Try mixing and matching until you’ve created the best possible system.
By Eric Biksa

The Haze Craze
Danny Danko delves into the myths and lore surrounding the famous strain known as Haze, from its origins to the genetic descendants that keep winning Cannabis Cups all over the world.

Wax On!
High Times contributor Ry Pritchard breaks down hash master Selecta Nikka T’s techniques and tips for producing solventless hash “wax” safely and purely to achieve the best concentrates.

Sensi in the Sierras
The altitude isn’t the only thing that can be described as “high” up in these mountains. As with the more famous pot-producing hills of Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties further north, cannabis cultivation is the reigning industry in this enclave of the Sierras. 
By Justin Hampton

Talking Terpenes
These cousins of cannabinoids are the reason why cannabis strains all smell so different from each other. They are also the key to pot’s medicinal properties. 
By Martin A. Lee

Building the Ultimate Root Zone
Learn the secrets of building up a huge root mass early to increase yields and grow healthy, hardy pot plants.
By Baron Wasteland

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