Best of High Times #77 – Beat the Heat & Grow Big


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Growing Big in Small Spaces
Not everybody has a warehouse or open field for cultivating cannabis. High Times reveals some select tips for maximizing pot yields in smaller spaces such as closets, growboxes and tents.

Clandestine Cannabis Cultivation in Drought Conditions
High temperatures combined with the extreme lack of rain cause a unique set of problems for outdoor pot farmers. Guerrilla-growing specialist Vinnie Kaz revels his tips and tricks for beating the heat.

The Greenhouse Explosion
As large-scale cannabis cultivation increases, growers are turning to greenhouses to produce outstanding cannabis while drastically reducing their carbon footprint.

Understanding Leaf-Surface Temperature
By Mitch Shenassa
Learn all about the importance of temperature at the canopy level in order to optimize growing conditions for healthier plants and bigger harvests.

Jamaican Harvest Tour
By Chris Simunek
Ever bought a bag of herb on the beach in Negril? Find out how it got there and follow a journey that starts in the ghettos of Kingston and ends in the lush herb fields of Westmoreland parish.

Can Hemp Stop Global Warming?
By Mark Miller
Cannabis offers theoretically viable solutions to several, if not all, of the primary causes of climate change.

Beat the Heat
By Jef Tek
Air-conditioning can be an expensive load on your overhead, but any garden running over 3,000 W of lighting could benefit from it, especially during the summer. Learn about how one grower replaced his AC unit and started saving big on cooling.

Growing Big in Oregon
Grow book author Dru West explains the importance of air circulation at canopy level and reveals his unique tips and tricks to getting huge yields from just a few plants inside a greenhouse.

21 Hot Tips for Cool Growrooms
By Danny Danko
Don’t sweat it! You can survive high temps. Beat the heat this summer and harvest successfully.

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