Best of High Times #78 – Guide to Great Buds


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The Birth of Bubba Kush
The saga of Bubba Kush is a sweeping story, an epic tale of growers meeting and crossbreeding their prized possessions and, in time, creating a superstar.
By Dan Skye

The Story of Kush
Danny Danko investigates the history and lineage of the legendary cannabis strain known as “the Kush” in our revealing search to separate fact from fiction and myth from reality about this tasty and potent pot variety. Bonus book excerpt: Danny’s Top 10 Kush Strains.

The Purps Patrol
Ken Estes of the Grand Daddy Purp Collective gets his operation ready to compete with Big Tobacco, Wall Street, corporate America and a new breed of high-flying pot entrepreneurs.
By David Bienenstock

Unwrapping the Bubblegum
Check out the untold story of this classic Cannabis Cup-winning strain, and then learn how to dial in your garden to grow an abundant supply of Bubblegum at home.
By Green Born Identity (G.B.I.)

Meet the Cookie Family
The hottest strain on the market these days is probably not what you think it is. Meet the originators of Girl Scout Cookies and find out why.
By Chris Simunek

Landraces: A (Re)introduction
Savvy bud breeders are using ganja genetics from the original source region to infuse new life into tired pot varieties and improving the quality of their crops.
By Anthony Luna

America’s New Cannabis Kings
The High Times cultivation department delivers the buzz on six of the greatest marijuana seed producers in the US and how they got their start on their award-winning strains.

Breeding for Home Growers
Mel Frank unlocks the most enjoyable aspect of marijuana gardening—breeding—by breaking down how to do it at home. If you ever imagined creating your own favorite strains and stocking up on seeds for future gardens… well, now you can!

The Haze Craze
Danny Danko delves into the myths and lore surrounding the famous strain known as Haze, from its origins to the genetic descendants that keep winning Cannabis Cups all over the world.

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