High Times Magazine #517 – February 2019


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February 2019
Overproduction In Oregon 
A surplus of cannabis has thrown Oregon’s legal pot growers, processors, and retailers for a loop. How did they respond to the glut and how will it affect the surrounding legal marijuana landscape? By Danny Danko 

Cannabis in the Bedroom 
Marijuana has long been considered an aphrodisiac. We explore the ways pot can help you connect to your lover and bring about a happier, healthier sex life. By Melinda Misuraca

2019 Hydro Report
Growing cannabis plants without soil requires an understating of the fundamentals, techniques and equipment involved in achieving massive growth rates. Our resident hydroponics expert breaks down the drippy details. By Erik Biksa

Growing with Coco Coir
The latest alternative growing medium is made from light, airy and renewable coconut husks. Find out why roots love this sustainable replacement soil and peat-based mixes. 
By Todd Tilth

Cannabis 101: Getting Started 
This excerpt from the new book, A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis, breaks down the basics for cannabis newcomers, including budtenders’ frequently asked questions. By Nikki Furrer

The Mainstreaming of CBD
CBD is currently enjoying some time in the spotlight as a catchall for every ailment imaginable. We separate fact from fiction in this detailed look at the new it cannabinoid. By Chris Parker

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