High Times Magazine #507 – April 2018


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The High Times Pro Guide to Harvesting

Successful pot growing requires taking down your crop properly—at the perfect time and using the right techniques. Find out how in our handy guide to drying, curing and storage. By Erik Biksa

Driving High
With more states approving adult-use cannabis laws, driving under the influence of marijuana is increasingly in the crosshairs of legislators and police. Find out why treating stoned driving like drunk driving is a recipe for disaster. By Joel Warner 

Seattle’s House of Cultivar
Some say it’s hard to produce craft-quality cannabis on an industrial scale. Find out how one passionate grow team in Washington creates A-grade flowers and concentrates in a huge indoor farming facility. By Danny Danko 

Concentrated Cannabis: Part III
The third installment of our concentrated cannabis series focuses on the non-dabbing side of extracts, including how distillate and crystalline can improve potency and dosage for edibles, tinctures, topicals and more! By Sean Black 

How to Hire a Pot Lawyer
High Times provides a guide for those in need of legal help following a pot bust. Learn what to do when you’ve been busted and need a pot lawyer. By Madison Margolin 

The High Times Interview: Montel Williams
Talk show legend, medical cannabis patient, and ganjapreneur Montel Willams shares his story of how he turned to High Times when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. By Mary Jane Gibson

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