High Times Magazine #497 – June 2017


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JUNE 2017

Five Easy Steps to Growing Your Own

Nico breaks down the five simple steps to setting up a small indoor garden at home, whether it’s in a closet, cabinet or grow tent, to help you get growing now! By Nico Escondido

Alex Grey’s Psychedelic Adventure
The visionary artist extraordinaire reveals how ayahuasca powerfully influenced his creative output and inner being. Plus: An exclusive first look at Grey’s design for the new High Times Cannabis Cup!

Spring Planting Guide
’Tis the season to sow your crops if you want to grow and harvest massive outdoor ganja trees this fall. Learn some essential insider tips and tricks for successfully starting your pot plants this spring! By Danny Danko

Live Your Dreams
Lucid dreaming just might be the world’s ultimate (and legal) high. Learn how cannabis and other herbs affect your sleeping life and how you can take control of your dreams!

Giant Plants of Southern Oregon
If you’re an experienced cannabis grower who’s allowed only six medical plants, what do you do? You grow them really, really huge. Lambsbread shares his secrets for an abundant harvest of organic buds. By J. Flava

The High Times Interview: Damian Marley
The Grammy Award–winning reggae artist talks about transforming a former prison into a legal weed farm, being his father’s “biggest fan,” recording his rootsy new album and more! By David Bienenstock

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