High Times Magazine #447 – April 2013


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Pot and the NFL
No one escapes playing in the National Football League without injury. Many don’t escape without becoming drug addicts as well. Players need the benefits of marijuana now!
By Samantha Nicholas

Season of Green
Over the past two years, prices for outdoor pot have taken a beating—but the crackdown on West Coast dispensaries and the rise of dabs made the harvest of 2012 memorable.
By Dan Skye

The Haze Craze
Danny Danko delves into the myths and lore surrounding the famous strain known as Haze, from its origins to the genetic descendants that keep winning Cannabis Cups all over the world.

Inside the Bud Bunker
Take a tour of one of the most unique gardens we have ever profiled—a state-of-the-art underground facility surrounded by concrete. This sealed atmosphere allows the grower to create the perfect environment.
By Erik Biksa

Legalized It!
Voters in Colorado and Washington State made history with a full-frontal attack on pot prohibition. So is it time to “break out the Cheetos,” or will the Feds strike back?
By David Bienenstock

HIGH TIMES Interview: Eugene Jarecki
The greatest weapon against the War on Drugs is information, and in his new documentary The House I Live In, director Eugene Jarecki brings out the artillery. Can this decades-long battle finally come to and end?
By Tyler Stewart

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