High Times Magazine #471 – April 2015


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Gift of Glass
One of the glass industry’s top distributors invites us into his private showroom to marvel at the masterpieces by top artists nationwide.
By Dan Skye

The Harvest Moon of Jah Goo
When harvest comes to an end, a whole new phase of cannabis cultivation begins. Drying and curing are an essential part of creating a superior product.
By Nico Escondido

Fight for Your Right to Party
Tolerance for tokers seems to be receding in Amsterdam. Learn how the latest Cannabis Cup persisted in the face of official oppression – and how we can legitimize the Dutch pot industry once and for all.
By Elise McDonough

Too Large: The Rise and Fall of the Norton Boys
In the mid-2000s, two brothers barely out of their teens started one of the most successful medical marijuana dispensaries in California. After being maliciously raided by the Feds and local police, they fought for seven years to stay out of prison.
By Chris Simunek

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Dutch Masters
Ben Dronkers, Wernard Bruining, Nol van Schaik and Simon of Serious Seeds are considered pioneers of the Dutch cannabis scene. In four lively interviews, these modern-day Dutch masters of marijuana weigh in on the current state of pot in the Netherlands and the prognosis for legalization.
By Samantha Nicholas

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