High Times Magazine #483 – April 2016


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Peace, Love and Ganja

At the first-ever World Cannabis Cup in Jamaica, hosted by the Rastafari Rootzfest, countries and cultures came together for an incredible celebration of ganja. As the historical festival unfolded, it became much more than a High Times event. By Emily Cegielski


The Legal Ride

Securing entries for the World Cannabis Cup required a lengthy and sometimes hair-raising trip through the wilds of the Jamaican Countryside. Take an epic ganja adventure on the back roads and trails of this beautiful island nation. By Rick Cusick


Brave New Cannabis World?

New Innovations in biotechnology are helping scientists and bud breeders to map the marijuana genome and decode the secrets of cannabis on the cellular level. By Green Born Identity (G.B.I.)


Dawn of the Dank

How did early humans first figure out that the cannabis plant can get you high? Here’s a paleontological look at how our ancestors embraced and advanced cannabis agriculture. By Rick Thompson


Three Pounds Per Light

A gorgeous, glossy new book touts the possibilities of harvesting huge in your indoor grow. Using techniques perfected in the commercial gardens of Colorado, you too can look forward to reaping three pounds of pot for every light in your growroom. By Dan Skye


The High Times Interview: Wayne Coyne

Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne opens up about making music with Miley Cyrus, the power of live performance, and how he really feels about psychedelics. By Mary Jane Gibson

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