High Times Magazine #495 – April 2017


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Pot & Vets: America’s Shame
Many of our military veterans are turning to cannabis for relief from physical injuries or psychological suffering. But not all vets have access to this safe and healthy medicine. By Michael Krawitz

Beyond the Battlefield
At the Desert Bloom grow op in Tucson, Arizona, one vet has discovered that working in a garden provides clarity and healing. By Dan Skye

High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame
Since 2007, we’ve compiled our list of the world’s greatest cannabis breeders. This year, we unveil 10 new additions to this group of pot pioneers who have improved the ganja gene pool and made significant contributions to the world of marijuana strains. By Danny Danko and T.H. Caeczar

Why the racist legacy of the War on Drugs stubbornly persists in the legal marijuana industry, and what we can do to end it. By Josiah Hesse

Concentrated Cannabis
Learn about the history of cannabis extracts and the most popular production methods, as well as the various types of concentrated hash and oil available on the market today. By Sean Black

The High Times Interview: Bryan Krumm
A psychiatric nurse practitioner and US Army veteran, Bryan Krumm was one of the petitioners whose call to reschedule cannabis was officially rejected by the DEA last August. But Krumm is fighting on and has become the nation’s foremost voice for the use of cannabis to treat PTSD. By Bill Weinberg

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