High Times Magazine #519 – April 2019


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3 CBD Strains You Can Grow Now
You’ve heard all about CBD but did you know you can buy seeds to grow it yourself? We highlight three different varieties rich in cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis found to have many medical benefits. By Green Born Identity (G.B.I.)
The Quest for the Perfect Dab
Concentrate consumption continues to advance with the goal of achieving more flavorful and efficient dabs. Are cold starts the next step in the evolution of low-temperature dabbing? Learn about the method and the products being developed around its practice. By Ab Hanna 

Guide To Getting Started Growing Indoors
Before planting seeds, it’s important to understand the basics of plant growth, lighting technology, and climate control. Bonus: Our indoor growing checklist of essential items necessary for success. By Stoney Tark

The Best of Instagram
We’re highlighting 25 great pot Instagram accounts you should be following. Whether you’re into high-quality pot photography, epic extract videos, funny memes, trippy illustrations or lifestyle trends, there’s something for everybody in our Best of Instagram list. The High Times Staff 

The HT Interview: Josh Kesselman
Raw founder Josh Kesselman has created the best known brand in rolling papers. Having achieved an unthinkable level of success, Kesselman turned his talents to charity work. Learn how he has saved 25,000 lives and counting. By Danny Danko and Mike Gianakos

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