High Times Magazine #463 – August 2014


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Colorado’s Conquest
As the Rocky Mountain State begins to reap the rewards of its historic decision to allow recreational pot shops to do business, cannabis entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the legal landscape to plan big and take the industry to the next level.
By Dan Skye

A Massive Cup
Over the 4/20 weekend, High Times made history by hosting the biggest marijuana expo in history. Over 30,000 marijuana fans showed up to celebrate the freedom high in the Rockies!
By Samantha Nicholas

The Indoor Acre
Senior cultivation editor Danny Danko and photographer Ry Prichard go inside the massive marijuana growing facilities of Gaia Plant-Based Medicine to reveal how quality cannabis can be produced in large quantities.

The Marijuana Minstrels of Bangladesh
For hundreds of years, the Bauls have been celebrating the legacy of Lalon Shah, whose spiritual songs, when sung under the influence of cannabis, are said to connect men and women with the divinity inside themselves.
By Joseph Allchin

Smooth Operators
Meet the female ganjapreneurs pioneering the cannabis body care industry, and discover how topicals can relieve arthritis, eczema and sore muscles. Learn to use cannabisinfused body care products for healing that’s more than skin deep!
By Elise McDonough

High Times Interview: Ice Cube
The legendary rapper, who blew the doors off at the U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver, sits down after his concert for a candid interview about the rap world.
By Dan Skye

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