High Times Magazine #475 – August 2015


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Cool Colorado Cannabis Companies
Just 20 months ago, the Rocky Mountain State took a giant step in building our nation’s cannabis economy, enabling adults to purchase recreational cannabis and empowering businesses to dream big.
By Dan Skye

Mile-High Jubilee
High Times marked the 4/20 weekend with a three-day-long celebration of legal marijuana in Denver. Check out the highlights from our biggest Cannabis Cup yet.
By Mary Jane Gibson

Growing Big in Oregon
Grow book author Dru West explains the importance of air circulation at canopy level and reveals his unique tips and tricks to getting huge yields from just a few plants inside a greenhouse.

The Sun Rises on Hemp
Hemp once grew on American farms from coast to coast, but was snuffed out by the competing new products and the men that owned them. Finally, a new age of hemp is at hand.
By Rick Thompson

Legalization: Past, Present & Future
A new president enters the White House in 2017. How he or she prioritizes federal marijuana enforcement could bring legalization to its knees or free the plant forever.
By Russ Belville

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Susan Sarandon
The star of Dead Man Walking and Thelma & Louise is also known for her commitment to social causes. The issue of cannabis legalization motivated Susan Sarandon to sit down with us to express her beliefs in its benefits.
By Dan Skye

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