High Times Magazine #511 – August 2018


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The High Ground
Despite significant gains in marijuana law reform, the cannabis industry still faces legal roadblocks. High Times continues to fight for the right to throw a pot party in Southern California. By Mike Hughes

Testing THC
THC percentage goes a long way to deciding the success or failure of many pot companies. With so much riding on lab-testing results, we take a closer look into the accuracy of these tests. By Stinkbud

The Organic Terroir of Puffin Farms
Take a tour of an outdoor Washington State “Mom ‘n’ Pop” grow op run by a conscientious couple seeking to produce clean and fragrant cannabis with a flavor all its own. By David Goodman

Cannabis Genetics: The Not-So-Basics of Breeding
We break down the difficult processes involved in creating the strains we want for medical and recreational purposes while explaining how feminized seeds do more harm than good. By Nico Escondido

The Great Terpene Swindle
Marijuana concentrate production can be accomplished in a variety of different ways. Learn the difference between cold solvent-based extraction and heated water or steam distillation. By Kenneth Morrow

The HT Interview: Peter Fonda
Legendary actor and counterculture icon Peter Fonda discusses the many benefits of cannabis and hemp and how activism can still effect change. By Mike Gianakos

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