High Times Magazine #455 – December 2013


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 Global Pot Report
HIGH TIMES’ dedicated reefer researchers have scoured the globe to find out what’s going on in cannabis-growing communities around the world. 

Bobby and the Concentrate FactoryOompa Loompa Goo-ba-dee Goo … we’ve got a killer story for you! Senior editor Bobby Black cashes in his golden ticket for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Denver’s top dab labs. Come and see … and you’ll be … in a world of herbal concentration!
Top 10 Strains of 2013
Senior cultivation editor Danny Danko reveals this year’s illustrious choices for the finest award-winning marijuana genetics from the world’s best seed breeders. 
Double Your Pot Production
Canadian cannabis correspondent Erik Biksa illuminates several different ways to boost yields and harvest more buds from the same amount of power and space. 
Legalize Peru!As South America continues its leftward turn to legalizing cannabis and coca, Bill Weinberg travels to Peru, interviews the country’s recently dismissed and reform-friendly Drug Czar, and gives us an in-depth portrait of the movement and its current momentum.
The HIGH TIMES Interview: Anthony Jeselnik
He’s the master of the “gut-punch.” The star of The Jeselnik Offensive sits down for a frank and funny conversation about stand-up comedy.

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