High Times Magazine #479 – December 2015


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Michigan On the Move
The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup returned to the Auto City Speedway in Clio, MI, for a celebration of Great Lakes ganja. As always, the combination of activism and high spirits was a potent mix, generating even more momentum for legalization.
By Dan Skye

Hippie Chicks
Rock’n’roll photographer Jay Blakesberg turns his eye on the tribe of concert-going and loving women—capturing their movement, spirit and essence in his latest book, Hippie Chicks
By Jen Bernstein

Dream Dispensaries
AHHS and Greenwolf LA are two hugely popular medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles. One is relatively new; the other is the oldest dispensary south of San Francisco. So how do they account for their success?
By Dan Skye

Top 10 Strains of 2015
We unveil our choices for the best pot varieties of the year, including Cannabis Cup winners and other strains.
By Danny Danko

Self Loathing Stoner
Has some of that propaganda seeped through and made you hate your pot use?
By Rick Cusick

Jorge on Harvesting
The renowned cultivation expert reveals the proper way to harvest marijuana in order to achieve peak potency, aroma and flavor.
By Jorge Cervantes

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Bruce Campbell
Cult-movie hero Bruce Campbell reprises the role that made him a star in the new series Ash vs. Evil Dead. We sat down with Mr. Boomstick himself to discuss all things gory, green and groovy.
By Bobby Black

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