High Times Magazine #491 – December 2016


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A Warrior Behind Bars
Leonard Peltier has spent nearly four decades in prison in one of the worst miscarriages of justice in our history. Behind bars, he has become a stalwart voice for Native American rights. By Malcolm MacKinnon

State of Bliss
High Times returns to the Clio, Michigan, for our first-ever Medical Cannabis Country Fair Cup. By Samantha Nicholas

10 Stupid Drug Myths
We deal with anti-pot fabrications daily. Here are 10 of the most pathetic drug-related lies that we’ve ever encountered. By Sophie Saint Thomas

The Top 10 Strains of 2016
View our illustrious list of the year’s highest-rated pot strains, including the Cannabis Cup winners, aficionado selections and medical marijuana varieties. By Danny Danko and Cesar Soriano

Chile Grows Big!
Take an insider’s tour of a massive medical marijuana farm in South America that boasts over 6,500 plants grown from Paradise Seeds strains, which will ultimately yield more than 2,000 kilograms of healing cannabis.

Stoners Are Smarter
The old clichés about stoners are proving false and falling by the wayside. Recent research demonstrates that people who use cannabis are incisive, intelligent and highly motivated. By Rick Thompson

The High Times Interview: Banjo
If there’s a superstar of the glass industry, it’s gotta be Banjo. A brilliant artist, he also reveals himself as a dedicated family man and a thoughtful, insightful observer of the counterculture. By Dan Skye

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