High Times Magazine #503 – December 2017


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How To Select Perfect Pot Products 
Our handy guide will help you become an educated consumer by teaching you what to look for prior to purchasing pot and hash. By Sean Black

Magic Mushrooms in Oaxaca
The indigenous wisdom of magic mushrooms has brought economic prosperity to a Mexican town, accompanied by some serious problems. By Nathaniel Janowitz

Top 10 Strains of 2017
Feast your eyes upon the award-winning cannabis varieties that wowed the weed world in the past year. We reveal our illustrious list of the best currently available strains. By Danny Danko and T.H.Caeczar

Space Buckets
Check out the latest cultivation trend: growing lush pot plants in tiny grow chambers. Learn step-by-step instructions to make your own space bucket. By Jon Christian

Controlling Marijuana: A Brief History
The Controlled Substances Act has transformed federal pot laws. Find out how the CSA came about, why it has failed and what should be done about it. By Jon Gettman

The High Times Interview: Joss Stone
Soul singer Joss Stone gained her freedom from her record company. Now, she opens up to High Times about her love of weed, how it influences her music and why she’ll never let anyone tell her what to do. By Chris Parker

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