High Times Magazine #515 – December 2018


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Guide to Drying and Curing 
Properly drying and curing your crop can be the difference between a superb and subpar final product. In this excerpt from his Marijuana Harvest book, grow guru Ed Rosenthal breaks down these all-important cultivation steps. By Ed Rosenthal & David Downs

The Best Job in Colorado 
Denver-based dispensary/grow op L’Eagle Services produces award-winning cannabis with eco-friendly, fair labor practices. Learn how the company is changing the industry while creating connoisseur quality cannabis and concentrates. By Mike DiPaola
Top 10 Strains of 2018
We’ve meticulously tested and reported on the best cannabis varieties of 2018, from the raciest sativas to the most relaxing indicas, from Cannabis Cup winners to the top shelves of the finest dispensaries. By Danny Danko 

Oil Change: Can Vape Pens Go Green?
The popularity and convenience of disposable vape pens and cartridges also brings with it sustainability challenges for the cannabis industry. Find out what is being done to help make disposable vapes more eco-friendly. By Nick Kazden

10 Legendary Headshops
We’re highlighting 10 old-school headshops that have left an indelible mark on the communities they serve. These shops have survived and thrived through the years, regardless of pot’s legal status. By Alexandra White

A Legal Guide to Traveling with Pot
Differences in local, state and federal law can make traveling with cannabis a stressful situation. Learn what the legal experts recommend in this handy guide to traveling with pot.

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