High Times Magazine #455 – February 2013


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The 2013 Hydro Report
Danny Danko and hydroponics expert Erik Biksa detail how to grow marijuana without soil for bigger and faster yields. Learn the water-based secrets to achieving explosive plant-growth rates and heavier harvests.

The Cali Cannon
There are times when simply packing a bowl or rolling your average doobie doesn’t pay proper tribute to the incredible variety available in today’s rapidly growing specialty green market.
By Lochfoot

Sensi in the Sierras
The altitude isn’t the only thing that can be described as “high” up in these mountains. As with the more famous pot-producing hills of Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties further north, cannabis cultivation is the reigning industry in this enclave of the Sierras.
By Justin Hampton

Feminized vs. Regular Seeds
HIGH TIMES puts Serious Seeds’ AK-47 to the test, growing out feminized and regular seeds of the strain side by side to find out the pros and cons of newfangled versus old-fashioned grow methods.
By Danny Danko

Welcome to Juarez
Thanks to the continuing warfare between Mexico’s drug cartels, Ciudad Juárez has been considered the most dangerous city in the world for years. The month of June saw only 45 homicides. That, according to the authorities, is a big improvement.
By Teun Voeten

HIGH TIMES Interview: Tommy Chong
He’s fighting the biggest battle of his life—prostate cancer. But the comedy legend and cannabis icon is facing his ordeal with characteristic good humor and a deep sense of spirituality.
By Dan Skye

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