High Times Magazine #458 – February 2014


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Radical Rigs
With the popularity of concentrates, consumers are searching for the ideal weapons for “dabbing.” We’ve got you covered in our review of the hottest rigs on the market!

2014 Hydro Report
Soilless growing requires precision and proper planning. Our cultivation experts break down the necessary techniques and equipment you need to grow hydroponic marijuana successfully.

Amsterdam Grow Revolution
Nico Escondido explores Dutch methods for increasing yields through understanding plant science and applying techniques developed specifically to maximize indoor growing yields.

How To Open A Pot Dispensary
Thinking of starting a marijuana business now that Colorado’s gone legal?  Navigating the state’s seed to sale laws and pot regulations are tougher than you can imagine. Managing editor Jen Bernstein gets an education and tour of The Clinic to see how it’s done.

Inside the Anti-Pot Illuminati
Last September, an elite group of pot prohibitionists met to discuss strategies for reversing the progress medical and recreational marijuana have made towards legitimacy. One, lone dope journalist attempted to crash the party.
By Chris Simunek

Jorge Cervantes: The High Times Interview
Over the past thirty years, probably no single person has contributed more to spread information about the cultivation of a plant that humans have grown for thousands of years. Not surprisingly, HIGH TIMES awarded Jorge Cervantes its Lifetime Achievement Award in Amsterdam in 2013.

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