High Times Magazine #469 – February 2015


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2015 Hydro Report
All of the information, technology and equipment you need to get growing without soil. Grow hydroponic pot in new sustainable ways for bigger yields and heavy harvests.

A Night We’ll Never Forget
What do you do on your 40th birthday? You invite hundreds of honored guests to light up and toast 40 years of High Times magazine carrying the banner for legalization.
By Mary Jane Gibson

America’s Highest Garden
If you wanna get high, you’re in the right place. That’s because the hydro gardens of High Country Healing represent the highest grow op in North America.
By Dan Skye

The Golden Age of Edibles
Learn how ancient peoples included cannabis in their diet for relaxation and revelation, as well as how the practice changed and spread over time.
By Elise McDonough

How Clean Is Your Cannabis?
You just bought some wax. But do you know what’s in it, who blasted it or who grew the plants – let alone how they were grown? Here are some valuable pointers for consumers.
By Darryl Hudson

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Hannibal Buress
The funniest comedians are the ones who can relate a simple experience and make you see the uproarious absurdity of daily life. That’s Hannibal Buress.
By Dan Skye

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