High Times Magazine #481 – February 2016


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Hydro 2016

The High Times Cultivation Department examines the latest in techniques and technology for growing marijuana without soil. Learn the basics as well as the most advanced hydroponic info for achieving massive harvests and accelerated growth. Special bonus: “Nine Hot New Hydro Products.”

Big-Ups to Cali! 
The road wasn’t easy, but neither bugs nor drought nor fire could stop the growers of California’s north country from reaping a bountiful harvest.            
By Dan Skye

The Cannabis Manifesto

The Cannabis Manifesto is a foundational document for the brave new world of marijuana-law reform. This excerpt examines the history of the Drug War and the burgeoning legalization movement.
By Steve DeAngelo

Our Land, Our Choice

Despite complex legal hurdles, Native Americans have begun laying the foundation for a new tribal cannabis industry-bringing a promise of economic development to reservations hit hard by unemployment and poverty.
By Nic Easley & Adam Koh

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Margaret Cho

The legendary comedian, actor and activist gets real about pot and sex, living “green and sober,” and hitting the road again with her raucously funny PsyCHO Tour.
By Mary Jane Gibson

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