High Times Magazine #493 – February 2017


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An Irie Immersion
We brought the first-ever Live Cannabis Experience to San Bernardino, featuring tours of an on-site growroom, hash-making and bud-trimming seminars, a topicals massage spa, edibles demos, a dab-rig exposition and so much more! By Mary Jane Gibson

Under the Humboldt Sun
Autumn is the perfect time for another epic visit to the outdoor pot fields of Northern California. Check out the magnificent greenhouses, expansive gardens and luscious buds that were harvested in 2016. By Samantha Nicholas

Illinois Grow Revolution
Take a tour of a massive, state-of-the-art medical-marijuana-production facility outside of Chicago, where a team of cultivation and extraction experts produce high-quality cannabis. By Danny Danko
 81   Onward, Christian Stoners
Does cannabis enhance your sense of spirituality? Although Christians once believed that cannabis was the “devil’s weed,” many are now embracing it in order to feel closer to the Creator. By Josiah Hesse

How-to Hydro, 2017
Hydroponic grow systems are now the standard when it comes to indoor cultivation. Here are three easy hydro setups for beginners, plus an advanced customized system and all you need to know about mediums and nutrients. By Nico Escondido

The High Times Interview: Carlos Santana
Over the course of half a century, Carlos Santana has become internationally recognized as rock’s top guitarist. Santana discusses why he thinks cannabis can profoundly change our world for the better. By Dan Skye

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