High Times Magazine #505 – February 2018


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February 2018

Vape Pen Review

Our (semi) annual roundup of the best pens on the market to help you choose the perfect vape. Whether you’re budget-conscious or a big spender, there’s a vape pen for you.

Daytime Highs
We take a closer look at the trend toward lower-THC cannabis, investigating the history, genetics and benefits of less potent pot. By Reggie Dankers

2018 Hydro Report
Hydroponics expert Erik Biksa reveals new and more sustainable ways to grow cannabis plants without soil quickly and cleanly. Bonus: Hot new hydro products plus 7 nutrient lines you should try! 

Greenhouse Growing
Greenhouse growing can be the best of both worlds—a controlled indoor environment combined with the power of the Sun. Here are the basics you need to know. By Nico Escondido

Moms Who Get High
Mothers who use cannabis have found themselves on the front lines of a controversial movement of pot and parenting. Learn more about the benefits experienced by moms who medicate. By Jessica Delfino

The High Times Interview: Cat Cora
Celebrity chef Cat Cora is speaking out in favor of medical cannabis. Cora hopes to use her renown to help normalize the medicinal use of marijuana. By Mike Gianakos 

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