High Times Magazine #444 – January 2013


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Small Gardens, Big Rewards
Not everybody has a warehouse or open field available for cultivating cannabis. HIGH TIMES reveals some select tips for maximizing pot yields in smaller spaces such as closets, growboxes and tents.

Emerald City Honors
For the first time, HIGH TIMES brings our renowned Medical Cannabis Cup event to Seattle. Get the complete lowdown on all of the top players, performers and winners!
By Bobby Black

How to Grow a Cup Champion
HT’s cultivation editor and Cannabis Cup competition director blends his two positions for a unique look at what it takes to grow the world’s best pot, drawing on research from over 20 Cup champions in 2012.
By Nico Escondido

Wax On!
HIGH TIMES contributor Ry Prichard breaks down hash master Selecta Nikka T’s techniques and tips for producing solventless hash “wax” safely and purely to achieve the best concentrates.

The 99% Solution
Can Occupy Wall Street translate protest into lasting political change? Senior editor Bobby Black attends a modern-day Constitutional Congress in Philadelphia to investigate.

HIGH TIMES Interview with Mila
She’s known throughout the world as Amsterdam’s Queen of Hash and the inventor of the Pollinator. Mila’s seen and done it all—from hitchhiking India’s mountains to raising pot and a family.
By Jen Bernstein

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