High Times Magazine #456 – January 2014


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Seattle Sensation
The Emerald City played host to the second-ever US Cannabis Cup this fall. Thousands flooded Seattle to celebrate legal weed in Washington State as bud breeders, concentrate kings and edible aficionados competed for the most prestigious prizes in the world of pot.
Vapor Pen Review 2.0
Last winter, we tested and rated 15 different pocket-sized vaporizers so you’d know which ones were worthy of your stash and which were worthy of the trash. Since then, a slew of new vape pens has hit the market, so now we’re back once again to separate the best from the rest.
The Buds of Autumn
Good news! This year, Mother Earth has yielded a record crop of outdoor cannabis. Travel to America’s prime growing country and experience the joys of harvest with veteran cultivators.
By Dan Skye
Run for the Roses
In Los Angeles, a trio of growers have built one of the city’s best dispensaries and taken home multiple Cannabis Cups for their efforts. Go behind the scenes to find out why Buds & Roses has risen so rapidly to the top.
By Dan Skye
Yaba, the Madness Drug
As an economic boom sweeps over parts of Asia, so has a new drug epidemic. Yaba, a form of methamphetamine mixed with caffeine and flavoring, is fast becoming the go-to drug on the continent and the preferred high for those who want to work hard and party harder.
By Joseph Allchin
The HIGH TIMES Interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a leading neurosurgeon and CNN’s chief medical correspondent, made a huge error when it came to researching the therapeutic potential of marijuana: He trusted the US government.
By David Bienenstock

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