High Times Magazine #468 – January 2015


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Forever Green
The stoner hordes turned out en masse for the first US Cannabis Cup in Washington State.
By Samantha Nicholas

A Washington State of Kind
The Evergreen State opened legal pot shops last summer. So where’s all the weed coming from?
By Dan Skye

40 Years of Growing Your Own — Shrooms
Homestead Book Company is the nation’s oldest counterculture book distributor. They created the EZ Gro Mushroomkit.
By Mary Ought Six

The Truth About Indicas & Sativas
Explore the differences in the two main cannabis species. Learn where your favorite strains originated and the compound that strongly influences their effect.
By Nico Escondido

10 Easy Steps for Successful Cloning
Cultivation guru Dru West describes the West Coast Masters technique for taking and rooting clones efficiently.

How Psychedelics Saved My Life
CNN award-winning journalist Amber Lyon shares how taking part in shamanic healing ceremonies has helped her PTSD.

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Ron Paul
The former Texas congressman and three-time presidential candidate tells HIGH TIMES that it’s time to legalize marijuana and free pot prisoners.
By Chris Simunek

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