High Times Magazine #480 – January 2016


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The Stoner Orgasm
As any toker can tell you, catching a buzz before a roll in the hay is absolutely essential. But the power of the pot in the sexual realm goes far beyond merely enhancing pleasure. By Sophie Saint Thomas

Sex in the Growroom
There’s more than meets the eye to both determining the sex of your plants and attempting to create new strains. Nico breaks down the basics of sexing and breeding for beginner growers looking to expand their horizons. By Nico Escondido

L.E.D. Magic
Many pot farmers wonder about using LEDs (light-emitting diodes). Check out the pros and cons of this revolutionary lighting technology. By Jorge Cervantes

30 Days in Tent City
For more than two decades, the outdoor prison complex known as “Tent City” has housed thousands of Arizona’s inmates. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who created this horror, calls it a “concentration camp.” A recent visitor recounts his stay. By Brian Penny

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Dan Savage
He’s perhaps the most popular (and controversial) sex-advice columnist in America. Dan Savage pulls no punches when it comes to the bedroom-including recommending cannabis as an excellent way to improve your sex life and achieve those moments of ecstasy. By Dan Skye

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