High Times Magazine #492 – January 2017


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A Higher Level of Fitness
As most pot smokers who love working out know, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a toke before going on a run or hitting the gym. In fact, the effects are now being recognized by science as beneficial. We take a look at pot’s physiological benefits to athletes and the new fitness enterprises serving stoners. By Mark Miller

Portland’s Pot Paradise
Take a private tour of Pistil Point Farms in Portland, Oregon—one of the largest indoor grows in the Pacific Northwest, which produces massive quantities of cannabis without skimping on purity or perfection. By Danny Danko.

Special Delivery
Meet the real-life cannabis couple behind High Maintenance, the new hit HBO series about a New York City weed-delivery guy and life in the Baked Apple. By David Bienenstock

4 of a Kind
Four prominent production operations in Las Vegas offer us a look at their massive ganja grow ops. Vegas is going green! By Dan Skye

Vitamin THC
An emerging consensus supports the idea that cannabis is a human dietary essential. Find out how to combine it with other superfoods for maximum wellness. By Elise McDonough

Get On the Bus!
Tom Wolfe’s seminal book, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, will receive the deluxe collectors’ edition treatment. By Samantha Nicholas

The High Times Interview: Pamela Anderson
She’s America’s iconic “blonde bombshell.” Now Pamela Anderson sits down to talk to HT about the issues that matter to her. By Dan Skye

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