High Times Magazine #504 – January 2018


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January 2018

Ideal Atmosphere

Garden atmosphere is an oft-overlooked aspect of home growing. Get expert advice that will help you dial in your environment and achieve higher levels of yield and potency. By Nico Escondido

Juggalos Vs. the FBI
Insane Clown Posse led a march on Washington to protest the FBI designating their followers as a gang. Find out what happens when thousands of Juggalos take the nation’s capital. By Nathan Rabin

Inside sofresh farms
Oregon boasts some incredible cannabis farmers who are at the forefront of growing organic craft-quality flowers. We report on one such facility producing perfectly pristine pot. By StinkBud

Drug Testing 101
Since its rise to prominence in the 1980s, the drug-testing industry has become a multi-billion dollar business at the expense of the working class. We investigate the industry’s origins and how it continues to operate despite widespread cannabis legalization. By Joel Warner 

Cloning the EZ Way
Aeroponic cloning results in successfully rooted cannabis cuttings quickly and easily. Learn tips and tricks for prosperous cloning from industry pioneers, EZ-Clone. By Erik Biksa

A Tale of Two Cups
We take a look at two Cannabis Cups—a return to one of our favorite locations in the Midwest, and a first-ever trip north of the border to beautiful British Columbia.

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