High Times Magazine #474 – July 2015


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2015 Vapor Pen Review
With more than 100 different vape pens in hand, we enlisted the help of over two dozen judges to select the ones that deserved a place in our annual Buyer’s Guide. Here are their findings for the Top 25 concentrate and Top Five flower vape pens.
By Jen Bernstein

Growland Security
Learn the ins and outs of designing an undetectable growroom. A high level of security is no small investment, but these powerful measures can help you avert disaster.
By Sirius J

The Cannabis Life Cycle
In this excerpt from his forthcoming book The Cannabis Encyclopedia, grow guru and former High Times columnist Jorge Cervantes details the life cycle of the marijuana plant, from seedling and the vegetative stage all the way through flowering and harvest.

Understanding Leaf-Surface Temperature
Learn all about the importance of temperature at the canopy level in order to optimize growing conditions for healthier plants and bigger harvests.
By Mitch Shenassa

Our Children, Our Lives
How do you argue with a parent whose seriously ill child benefits from the use of cannabis? Essentially, you can’t. Three sets of parents tell their stories of working with this miraculous medicine.
By Dan Skye

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Maya Schenwar
People get out of prison poorer and more alienated from society than they were prior to incarceration—and, tragically, over 40 percent will return to prison within three years. Maya Schenwar’s new book, Locked Up, Locked Out: Why Prison Doesn’t Work and How We Can Do Better, is a hard-hitting indictment of our penal system.
By Dan Skye

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