High Times Magazine #486 – July 2016


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Arizona Dank
Last year, the Dank Corporation opened up its new grow facilities. Now, guided by the company’s young CEO, Dank is expanding its reach in the Southwest. By Dan Skye 

Cloning the Trichome Technologies Way
In this excerpt from the new book Marijuana Horticulture Fundamentals, K from Trichome Tech reveals everything you need to know for the successful propagation of cannabis clones.

Welcome to Candy Island
Travel with us to southern Oregon and an island covered in beautiful pot plants grown by Cannabis Cup winner Ken Estes and his Grand Daddy Purp crew. By Lochfoot

Ganja Gourmet
Go underground to savor the latest developments in cannabis cuisine as chefs open up about their secret invitation-only dinners. Learn where to dine on delicious dank dishes nationwide. By Elise McDonough

Fat City!
In order to make a potent cannabis infusion, you need to simmer your ganja in some type of fat. But which fat works best? By Elise McDonough

The High Times Interview: Action Bronson
Get lit with the breakout star of Viceland’s new show, Fuck That’s Delicious! The rapper/chef reveals his luxe life of dabbing, cooking and eating.

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