High Times Magazine #498 – July 2017


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Betting on Bud in Las Vegas
The first-ever Cannabis Cup in Nevada took place just outside Las Vegas, despite some unforeseen obstacles—and we have the photos to prove it! By Mary Jane Gibson

Soil vs. Hydro
Today, this age-old debate really boils down to whether growing cannabis indoors or outdoors is better. Nico breaks down the pros and cons associated with both and details how to get the most out of your plants. By Nico Escondido   

Strains of the Future
We travel to the Basque Country of Spain to learn about the game-changing new achievements in cannabis breeding by Dinafem Seeds, including autoflowering, feminized, CBD-rich versions of classic strains. By Danny Danko

Casualties of War
The War on Drugs is still being waged on college campuses across the country, as students with cannabis convictions find themselves barred from receiving the financial aid necessary to pursue a degree. By Dave Lindorff

Mother Plants & Clones
Successful cloning is the key to a fruitful indoor harvest, but it’s also one of the more demanding cultivation skills to master. We reveal the tips and tricks for uniform healthy plants and a level cannabis canopy. By Erik Biksa

The High Times Interview: Ludacris
The Atlanta-based rapper, actor and cannabis connoisseur opens up about marijuana, movies and more before playing to a capacity crowd at the Las Vegas Cannabis Cup.

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