High Times Magazine #510 – July 2018


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JULY 2018

Bigger Yields Made Easy
With legal markets emerging, garden productivity is more important than ever. Learn how to increase your yields with simple horticultural techniques. By Nico Escondido 

Legal Weed in Uruguay 
Uruguay is the first country in the world to legalize pot. We investigate the South American nation’s burgeoning recreational cannabis scene. By Nathaniel Janowitz

The World’s Biggest Grow!
Take a tour of Aurora Cannabis Inc., a licensed producer in Canada with massive cultivation facilities including a mind-boggling 800,000-square-foot greenhouse. By Danny Danko

Cloning FAQ
Successfully reproducing clones from a mother plant can vex even expert cannabis cultivators. Learn everything you wanted to know about rooting cuttings! By Stoney Tark

High Hosts 
High Times brought the fire on consecutive nights this winter, celebrating women in the cannabis space and the 100 most influential people in pot in two epic events. Don’t miss the highlights! 

The HT Interview: Jackie Martling
Stand-up comic Jackie Martling talks dirty jokes, choosing pot over booze and his time as the head writer for the Howard Stern Show. He’s shy about it but he also has a new book out. By Mike Gianakos 

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