High Times Magazine #437 – June 2012


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21st Century Digital Grow
Check out an automated grow that runs remotely from a computer or cell phone for stealth and simplicity.

By Erik Biksa

Cannabis Kitchen
Learn how to infuse cannabis in butter or oil. Plus stellar recipes from infamous chefs!

By Elise McDonough

The Buds of Basque Country
Travel to the “NorCal” of Europe to find the truth about feminized and auto-flowering seeds and the breeders that are changing the face of pot production.

By Danny Danko

Brew It Yourself
Compost tea provides a 100 percent organic fertilizer/pesticide combo, giving your plants just what they need.

By David Bienenstock

Feel Secure Yet?
The threat of terrorism is real, but the government uses it to increase surveillance on our own citizens.

By Mark Miller

High Times Interview with Rush Guitarist Alex Lifeson
A rock legend recalls high times on and off the road, including the time our first issue inspired the creation of a legendary pot song.

By David Bienenstock

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