High Times Magazine #473 – June 2015


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So High in SoCal
Check out our massive Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, which featured performer Rick Ross as well as a huge product expo offering the best pot and concentrates in Southern California.
By Danny Danko

An Element of Success
As the cannabis industry matures, successful growers and entrepreneurs are seeking each other out to form new—and equally successful—cannabusiness partnerships.
By Dan Skye

The Strongest Strains on Earth
Our list of the most potent strains on the planet, gleaned from our 2014 Cannabis Cups, showcases pot varieties that are sure to please.
By Nico Escondido

Grower Girls
Meet the industry’s leading female growers and learn what they have to say about properly nurturing your crops!
By Elise McDonough

The Green Legion
20% of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are said to suffer from some degree of PTSD. Canada now helps vets get medical marijuana prescriptions and provides a communal setting for them to recover in.
By Chris Simunek

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Whoopi Goldberg
She’s an Oscar-winning actress, a gifted comedian and one of the stars of The View. But Whoopi Goldberg is also an incisive political activist who advocates strongly for cannabis legalization.
By Rick Cusick

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