High Times Magazine #509 – June 2018


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High Times June 2018

Growing at Home
Indoor farmers living in prohibition states need secret and stealthy options for producing their own pot. We present to you the steps you need to grow medicinal or connoisseur-quality cannabis in your home, from start to fantastic finish. By Harry Resin

Spring Planting Guide
It’s the time of year to plant seeds, root clones and prepare your precious pot plants for a summer of growth and an autumn of building buds. Our step-by-step guide lays the groundwork to strengthen your seedlings during this crucial growth stage. By Stinkbud

The High Times Interview: Broken Lizard 
The long-awaited sequel to the 2001 cult classic Super Troopers is finally here. To celebrate, Broken Lizard dropped by High Times headquarters to fill us in on their 17-year journey to making Super Troopers 2. By Mike Gianakos and Mary Jane Gibson

Sexual Healing
With nine out of 10 women experiencing painful sex after pregnancy, we investigate how cannabis can help couples return to enjoyable, pain-free intercourse without resorting to surgery. By Jessica Delfino

Mother Courage in Peru
Ana Álvarez is the driving force behind Peru’s nascent medical cannabis law—a law she fought for to help her child who suffers from epilepsy. While the South American nation is establishing a restrictive medical pot program, Álvarez still faces prison time. By Bill Weinberg 

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