High Times Magazine #434 – March 2012


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A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana Indoors
You’ve finally made the decision to grow your own indoors. What happens next? Danny Danko provides a primer for getting started.

Breeding for Home Growers
Mel Frank unlocks the most enjoyable aspect of marijuana gardening—breeding—by breaking down how to do it at home. If you ever imagined creating your own favorite strains and stocking up on seeds for future gardens…well, now you can!

The Gold Standard
When it comes to producing huge, 14-foot marijuana trees, there’s nothing like the great outdoors. But there’s a lot more than meets the eye when considering an outdoor operation.
By Nico Escondido

Cashing In On the Earth Cashing Out
The Mayan calendar and its “end date” of Dec. 21, 2012, has become a cash cow for eccentrics and opportunists seeking to sell books and videos or simply scare the crap out of you. What’s the truth behind the 2012 phenomenon? HIGH TIMES investigates.
By Mike Hughes

HIGH TIMES Interview with Jeremy Piven
The Emmy Award–winning actor behind Entourage’s Ari Gold talks about smoking up with Snoop Dogg, his role opposite Rob Lowe in the hot new indie flick I Melt With You, and why we need to legalize the “herbal medicine” as soon as possible.
By David Bienenstock

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