High Times Magazine #458 – March 2014


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Top 40 Stoner Anthems
Regardless of whether you’re into hip-hop, heavy metal, R&B or reggae, we guarantee this compilation of the most iconic pot songs of all time will appeal to you.
By Bobby Black

Greatest Seed Banks of All Time
Danny Danko adds 10 more bud breeding outfits to the 30 already ensconced in our illustrious High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame.

Build Your Own Two Bucket Hydro System
Detailed instructions for the construction of a simple and effective hydroponic growing bucket capable of producing plenty of potent pot.

The Genuine Girl Scout Cookies
The hottest strain on the market is not what you think it is. Meet the originators of the Girl Scout Cookies and learn why.
By Chris Simunek

Canada’s New Cannabis Era
Canada has just overhauled its medical marijuana program. Now it’s time for the “vision” thing. Who can produce the best medicine for patients in the commercial marketplace? Try Peace Naturals on for size!
By Dan Skye

Budsport: Marijuana and Mixed Martial Art
The fastest growing sport in the nation is also the stoniest. Marijuana has been a part of mixed martial arts from the very beginning.
By Zeus Tipado

Riddle of Pot
Top MMA fighter Matt Riddle was suspended from the Ultimate Fighting Championship last year for testing positive for pot. But that didn’t stop him from going public, extolling the benefits of cannabis. Matt tells us about his ongoing ordeal.
By Dan Skye

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