High Times Magazine #494 – March 2017


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Weed Wins! So Now What?
Voters passed cannabis legalization—adult use or medical—in eight out of the nine states that had a marijuana measure on the ballot in November. But will Donald Trump and his minions try to pull legalization up by the roots? By Madison Margolin

Healing Field
In southeastern Colorado, an impressive crop of CBD-rich cannabis has just been harvested. High Times takes you to meet the transplanted marijuana farmers behind this vast acreage of medicine. By Dan Skye

New England’s Patriot Pot Growers
HT’s senior cultivation editor visits four separate gardens in the Northeast, where medical marijuana growers are using tried-and-true techniques to create some of the strongest and tastiest cannabis on Earth. By Danny Danko

The Great Green North
Get the inside story of how Justin Trudeau made cannabis legalization a major plank in his run for Canadian prime minister, and what to expect when he pushes forward on that promise this spring. By Kelly Coulter

CBD: The Cinderella Molecule
How does the federal government justify its ongoing prohibition of CBD-rich cannabis, a medically effective substance with no adverse side effects that doesn’t even get you high? Here’s everything you need to know about this miraculous cannabinoid. By Martin A. Lee

The High Times Interview: B-Real
We caught up with the hip-hop legend while on tour with Prophets of Rage to discuss his smoking habits, his legacy in the realm of rap and weed, and why  the world needs a band like the Prophets now more than ever. By Drew Millard

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