High Times Magazine #518 – March 2019


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High Times March 2019
The Future of Canadian Cannabis  
Cannabis is legal in Canada but supply shortages and high costs have kept the black market alive and well in the Great White North. We explore the newly legal market’s growing pains. By Jeffrey Kitt

Sports and Pot
Athletes are increasingly turning to cannabis to improve recovery time and achieve better results. Learn how pot can help reduce swelling and inflammation, increase appetite and improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. By Anthony Ricciuto

Seed Bank Hall of Fame 2019
Ten esteemed seed banks join our illustrious list of the greatest pot breeders of all time. Behold as we enshrine the newest additions and learn the history of the superb strains that improved cannabis genetics forever. By Danny Danko and T.H.Caeczar 
78 Eight Plant-Training Techniques
Achieving higher yields requires an understanding of how to create bigger pot plants. Master the art of heavy harvesting by becoming adept at a variety of different training methods. By Stoney Tark

The HT Interview: Ricky Williams 
Former NFL running back Ricky Williams explains how his passion for alternative healing and cannabis led to the founding of a medical marijuana company that aims to open minds and change patients’ perspective. By Mike Gianakos

Inside the Cannabis Industry
3C Consulting’s Nic Easley discusses the importance of veterans’ access to medical marijuana, as well as the keys to investing in pot and the future of the cannabis industry. By Sean Cooley

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