High Times Magazine #436 – May 2012


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Earth’s Strongest Strains
High Times tested more than 300 different strains to find the highest THC and the best genetics.
By Nico Escondido


The ROOR of the Crowd
In Germany, the world’s premier glass smokeware company manufactures the “Mercedes of Bongs.” By Dan Skye


Breaking Down the Medicinal Value of Sativas
A master grower examines their healing properties and different effects of highly prized sativas.
By Greg Green


Requiem for an Occupation
Last fall, Occupy Wall Street dominated the media. How did the movement get its start and gain momentum?
By Chris Simunek


How to Build a Cloner
Sure-fire secrets for creating healthy rooted cuttings that will grow into huge harvests of pot every time.
By Stinkbud


HIGH TIMES Interview with Michael Krawitz
The executive director of Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access discusses cannabis as medicine for vets.
By Bobby Black

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