High Times Magazine #460 – May 2014


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Flyin’ High in the Rockies
The New Year rang in with a celebration in the cannabis community. For the first time ever, state-sanctioned pot shops are selling cannabis. Colorado made history, laying the foundation for a new, vibrant sector of the economy.
By Dan Skye

Master Blasters
Meet the teachers at Skunk Pharm Research who show eager students how to properly make potent concentrates. Learn about using a closed-loop system to safely reclaim solvents and how to purge, winterize and polish extractions.
By Elise McDonough
Growroom Bio-Warfare
We break down the facts about three common yet overlooked growroom plagues and outline ways to defeat them for bigger harvests.
By Thomas Valentine
Earth’s Strongest Strains
We list the strongest THC strains on the planet with a Top-15 rundown from all five of our Cannabis Cups last year as well as a bonus Top-40 list of our all-time most potent strains ever lab tested.
By Nico Escondido

The Mossad’s Medical MarijuanaMystery Man
Alex Barak was either an ex-Mossad agent or an
organized crime figure, or both—depending on
who you ask. However, in his final years, he was
a major supporter of disabled rights and medical
marijuana. By Ben Hartman

High Times Interview: John Stossel
He’s the New York Times bestselling author and host of Stossel on the Fox Business Network. John Stossel sits down to discuss his libertarian views and our rights to use cannabis freely.
By Dan Skye

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