High Times Magazine #472 – May 2015


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Spring Awakening
Right now, growers across Northern California are readying their gardens for another sensational season of outdoor cannabis. The master growers of 3rd Generation Family discuss their favorite techniques.
By Samantha Nicholas

10 Tips for Auto-Flowering Pot Plants
Some folks prefer to grow strains that flower automatically at a certain height regardless of changes in the light cycle. For them, we reveal the secrets and tricks to getting the most out of your auto-flowering cannabis garden.

420 Forever!
Can you name any other non-historical anniversary or date that receives as much recognition and celebration as April 20? Here’s your chance to wander through our cornucopia of 420 history and esoterica.

Animals on Drugs
Throughout the ages, humans have been discovering psychoactive plants by watching animals ingest them first. Take a walk on the wildest side of nature—one you’ve probably never seen on the National Geographic Channel.
By Sirius J

Prohibition: The Child of Racism
The inherent violence and racism of drug prohibition make the use of militarized police against poor and minority communities inevitable. If we want to get beyond national tragedies like Ferguson, legalizing drugs is an important first step.
By Russ Belville

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Joan Jett
One of the most influential women in rock’n’roll, Joan Jett has enjoyed a career spanning 40 years. On the eve of her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Joan discusses her road to becoming a legend.
By Dan Skye

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