High Times Magazine #496 – May 2017


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In Praise of the Hemp Plant
Just as America’s legal hemp industry has started to take root, a new threat looms from the DEA. Comedic investigative journalist Doug Fine (author of Hemp Bound) dug in so deep for this story, he ended up running a hemp farm.

A League of Their Own
The world’s best artistic joint-rollers give High Times an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how they create their fully smokeable masterpieces. Photos by Justin Cannabis

The Strongest Strains on Earth
On so many levels, 2016 was a crazy year—but in terms of cannabinoid levels, it was a record-setting year! Nico breaks down the lab data from all seven of our Cannabis Cups to see which strains around the country topped the charts for THC and CBD. By Nico Escondido 

Growing Weed From a Wheelchair
Our Canadian cultivation correspondent examines the unique issues facing disabled marijuana growers. Discover innovative new techniques for achieving a successful harvest despite any physical challenge. By Erik Biksa

Tainted: The Problem With Pot and Pesticides
Learn about the efforts being made to identify potentially toxic products that can leave a residue in buds and extracts, as well as tips for growing your own all-natural cannabis at home. By Elise McDonough

The High Times Interview: Pete Davidson
Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson gets real about treating his Crohn’s disease with medical marijuana, New York’s outmoded pot laws, and how weed makes everything better.
By Danny Danko

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