High Times Magazine #520 – May 2019


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May 2019
South Africa on the Verge
We explore the history of prohibition in South Africa as well as the modern day movement to legalize cannabis. Learn how South Africa could become one of the most progressive legal pot countries in the world. By John Veit 

Spring Planting Guide
Germination, cloning and proper vegetative stage preparation lay down the foundation for successful harvests in the future. Find out the techniques, skills and equipment you need to get a healthy start in the spring. By Erik Biksa

Remedy in Las Vegas
Visit a massive cannabis cultivation facility in the heart of Sin City where the expert growers and extractors produce high-quality craft flowers and concentrates for the discerning customers of Nevada. By Danny Danko

20 Trending Strains
As the cannabis industry evolves, so do the tastes of consumers. Internet search data indicates that these are the strains you need to know about now! Check out what’s trending! By Ab Hanna

Guide to Healthy Harvests
Learn the techniques practiced by professionals to keep your garden safe from pests and pathogens. Following these guidelines will help ensure a healthy harvest every time. By Joe Bender

The HT Interview: Joey Diaz
Stand-up comedy veteran Joey Diaz discusses the ups and downs of his career, the importance of potent pot and his popular podcast, The Church of What’s Happening Now. By Jacob Katel

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