High Times Magazine #442 – November 2012


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The Remote Control Growroom
We’ve all heard about automated grows. But what about controlling your growroom from your living room couch – or another state?
By Nico Escondido


The 25th Annual Cannabis Cup Preview
HT’s cultivation editor provides a rundown on the political scene in Holland as well as the overall scoop on how to party in the marijuana mecca.

By Nico Escondido

 Weed On the Web
The HIGH TIMES technology department breaks down the hottest cannabis-related apps on the market. So if you’re looking for great pot, want to grow your own or just know your rights, there’s an app for that.

By Mike Hughes


Endless Summer

Learn the secrets to growing four greenhouse gardens a year and harvesting huge amounts of marijuana every couple of months.
By McDank


HIGH TIMES Buyer’s Guide to Pocket Vaporizers
Our diligent staff reviews and rates the top 15 pocket-sized vaporizers on the market so you’ll know whether they’re worthy of your stash or prime for the trash.

By Bobby Black


HIGH TIMES Interview with Tim Schafer
One of the most famous (and eccentric) minds in the video game industry talks about the history of this favorite stoner pastime—and hints at what’s to come for the future.
By Tyler Stewart

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