High Times Magazine #454 – November 2013


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The HIGH TIMES Growbox Buyer’s Guide
Danny Danko reviews all-in-one growboxes, from the pricey to the affordable, from cutting-edge units to simple and easy boxes for the beginning indoor grower. Bonus: “Closet Growing” by David Bienenstock reveals the ins and outs of cultivating connoisseur-quality cannabis in a space as small as your closet.

Kief in the Rif: A Week With Moroccan Weed Farmers
Welcome to Morocco’s Rif Mountains, where farmers have been cultivating cannabis and making hashish for generations.
By Daniel Kelly

Easy Buds for Busy People
An automatic watering system combined with low-cost and low-heat fluorescent lighting creates the perfect environment for growers with precious little time on their hands for maintaining an intensive indoor garden. 

Cannabis Artifacts
Elise McDonough’s photo essay surveys an incredible collection of antique cannabis paraphernalia from around the world, illustrating the use of the healing herb as medicine, ancient sacrament, and more. 

Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany
Marijuana researcher Robert Connell Clarke and botany professor Mark D. Merlin explore the historical aspects of cannabis use for ritual and recreation in an excerpt from their upcoming book. 

HIGH TIMES Interview: Vicente Fox 
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox sits down with HIGH TIMES for an exclusive interview on the Drug War violence that has been ravaging his country since he left office in 2006, and how he is now focused on a singular goal that will help curb the carnage: legalizing pot.
By Justin Hampton

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