High Times Magazine #478 – November 2015


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The 2015 Dab Report
Colorado correspondent Ry Prichard explores the “Origins of Live Resin” (page 47); California concentrate lawyer Rezwan Khan examines the nation’s “Laws of Extraction” (page 55); and the HT staff reviews some of the top electronic nails on the market (page 61).

It’s All About Atmosphere
From temperature and humidity to CO2, lighting, and intake and exhaust fans, your growroom’s atmosphere dictates your plants’ yield and potency. Today’s tech can help you dial in these essential elements, making life a lot easier on your way to a bountiful harvest.
By Nico Escondido

Flowering for Peak Ripeness
In this excerpt from Jorge Cervantes’s The Cannabis Encyclopedia, the world-renowned grow guru and HT alum discusses the ABCs of the flowering stage, as well as tips and tricks for achieving big buds fast.

Good Vape Vibes
Entrepreneurs are discovering countless niches in the marketplace. Organa Labs and O.pen.VAPE have developed high-quality cannabis oils and a vaporizer pen with which to imbibe them—right down to strain-specific cartridges.
By Dan Skye

Phoenix Grow Rises
Legendary grow-book author and cannabis photographer Mel Frank visits Arizona to check out a huge commercial marijuana facility that produces dozens of pounds of legal pot in a hot, dry desert climate.

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Jesse Ventura
He’s an ex-Navy SEAL and a former superstar professional wrestler. He also served as the governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. Jesse Ventura has lost none of his edge, still calling out corrupt politicians and shady government doings.
By Dan Skye

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